The Long-Lasting Beauty of Giclée Canvas Prints

The Long-Lasting Beauty of Giclée Canvas Prints

Giclée gallery canvas prints are a beautiful and simple way to add style to every space. These
amazing, archival quality prints make for stylish additions to your office, living room, or any other blank wall space around your home. They are our favourite way to display photography,
artwork, and even historical prints.

So what is a Giclée canvas print?

The process of making a Giclée canvas print is an interesting and long-lasting alternative to
traditional framed photos, prints, and paintings. It is a blend of high-definition inkjet printing and quality canvas. Using photographs and pictures, images are printed onto the canvas that is then stretched over a frame. This process, which is called a gallery-wrap, allows for the photo to wrap all the way around to the back of the canvas, lending interest to the edges of the canvas without the need for a frame. The edge of the Giclée canvas can also feature other kinds of wraps, including pixel stretching, a “mirrored” edge, or even a solid colour or plain white.

Unlike imitation and cheaply printed canvas, true Giclée canvas will be archive quality, built to
stand the test of time. It will also have a fabulous matte finish, very unlike the shiny, cheap look
of most of the imitation canvas print options available.

Not only are Giclée canvas prints versatile, easy to hang, and beautiful, but there are tons of
reasons why we can’t get enough of them. Here are our top ten reasons why we think that
Giclée is the bee’s knees.

The ability to print in big sizes

Unlike many other printing options, Giclée canvas offers a wide array of sizes. You can get your
favourite photos printed onto large wall-sized prints that will fill almost any blank wall. They
come in a variety of widths, lengths, and heights. They can even be four metres long and
several inches deep! So if you are looking to add some style to a blank wall, you can do it with
Giclée canvas no matter the size.

Get astonishing results with low-quality images

Giclée canvas has one thing that most printable surfaces don’t: texture. This texture makes
even lower quality images beautiful. Many of the flaws that show up in photos when it is
stretched beyond its natural size disappear under the unique texture of Giclée canvas prints.
This allows you to print historical photos, family albums, and even newspaper clippings larger
than ever before while still retaining their integrity.

No reflections

Want to keep your photos looking beautiful for a long time without hiding them behind reflective glass? If your glass frames are keeping you from seeing your photos, Giclée canvas might be a great replacement for them. Giclée canvas prints are covered in a UV protective coating that protects your pictures from fading, discolouration, and wear. Prints can be viewed from any angle in any lighting situation without reflections ruining your view.



Less weight on your walls

If you have ever lifted a large, framed piece of artwork covered in glass, you know how heavy
they can be. Not all of us have walls that support massive frames and heavy glass; however,
the Giclée canvas process makes your prints amazingly lightweight without losing any quality.
This makes pictures easy to hang and absolutely stunning to look at. That means less weight on
your walls and even less weight on you when you are installing your new art pieces.

Giclée maintains textures.

If you have ever seen a flat, printed image of a painting, you know it doesn’t have that unique,
painted look that all true paintings have. All of the texture disappears the moment you print a
painting onto a flat surface. Right?

Your Giclée print will have the texture of the canvas fabric built in. Once you add the look of the
embedded ink, you’ll have a stunning, textured surface that will help to retain the integrity of the
original far better than smooth printing surfaces.

Can be split into panels offering various display options

Panel prints are all the rage. And you won’t believe how much better they look when the image
isn’t interrupted by a frame! Panel prints are images that printed over several canvases,
breaking up the image. When you hang the images close to each other, they recreate the image
in a unique and interesting way. While it is possible to make panel prints with more traditional
printing methods, Giclée canvas offers a unique way to easily print several panels of your
favourite piece.

Giclée helps protect against humidity

Giclée canvas coating is good for more than just UV protection! This coating makes it much
more tolerant to humidity too! This means you can finally have prints and canvas in
high-humidity locations in your home, like in the kitchen or bathrooms, without worrying about
the print being ruined by water damage. So whether you want to hang something across from
the shower or even just near where you keep the kettle, you’ll be able to with a beautiful,
durable Giclée canvas print.



They come ready to hang

No kits are necessary! You’ll have the wires already installed on the back of the frame. You can
hang it up as soon as you receive it.

Giclée canvas prints are durable

Need something that’s easy to clean without the threat of damage? Giclée is very simple to wipe
down, making it heads above your average photo. These gallery-wrapped canvas prints are
sealed, making them much harder to damage than most printed products. Between the UV
protectant coating and the durable frame, the Giclée canvas will hold up much better than most
traditional glass and wood frames.

You’ll get value for the money

Giclée canvas is an inexpensive solution compared to most traditional methods of printing and
framing. Printed with high-quality Canon inks, these prints are designed to be as inexpensive as
possible. They are easy to fit into nearly any budget.

Giclée is a fantastic, cheap, and user-friendly option for your home, office, or other spaces.
Their durable nature makes them great for nearly any situation. Not only that, but you can fit
them into nearly budget. So if you are looking for the perfect art print solution for every wall of
your home, you must check out Giclée!